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Learning is preparation. Learning new information or different perspectives on existing information is essential to growth. More than that; learning why we desire the things we desire is foundational to growing from wherever we currently are. We likely covered these few questions in our initial consultation, however I want to highlight them here, as we'll revisit them frequently in these sessions. 

  •  Where are you currently?

  • What specific decisions got you to this point?

  • Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years? 

I should clarify, I don't distinguish personal from business because the business is simply a personal investment. I will not be able to provide value to you if I do not understand your perspective. That is something a bit different and, learning these things really gives us a solid focal point as we move into our strategic sessions.


Our Strategy sessions will be highly focused on identifying the Business Workflow and each of the pieces in it. A business is a business. Each has primary functions which must operate in a coordinated way to ensure the business remains viable or, open.

  • Accounting - The management of an initial cash investment along with any subsequent renue and loss. 

  • Branding & Marketing - The business' transition from an idea to a definition that is communicated to other people

  • Sales - The product/service made available to consumers

  • Client Care - The consumer's communication and experience with the business

  • Production - The creation of the goods/services sold

  • Administration - The management of the business' various internal and external filing responsibilities

  • Employee Care - The employee's communication and experience with the business

The ability to prioritize each of these pieces is vital to the growth and success of any business. Our Strategy sessions will be spent creating actionable goals intended to optimise each piece. It is fundamental and essential to begin measuring each function within each piece. Goal planning is the beginning of that measurement. Famed author and educator on business is quoted as saying "if you can't measure it, you can't improve it". Growth without improving is not growth at all, it is a spike, an uptick. Growth while improving is long-lasting, in that the thing being grown is always getting better, providing more value, doing more "right" stuff, becoming a better version of itself for the benefit of others.  


There will likely be work to do in all areas, and, there will likely be disproportionate work between each area. Regardless where the work is or how much work there is to be done; the more that is learned and the more strategy there is in each decision, the more effective the execution of actions.


Together, you and I will make a plan to execute on the things we discuss throughout each of our sessions. We will focus on getting the right things done, right. This will be effective execution.  



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